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Howard County USTA League Offerings
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2016 USTA League Incentive Program

2016 Year of the Captain

"Columbia Open" Tournament-2016 September                                                     

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.-- A player is not deemed to have arrived until the player checks in at the place designated for checking in for matches and is properly clothed, equipped and ready to play. A team in not deemed to have arrived until both partners have arrived.-

--Weather:  If the temperature is 40 degrees or below OR wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below OR the heat index is 105 degrees or higher OR if sustained winds are 30 mph or higher, either Captain may request to reschedule the match. 

-USTA Certified Official: If you would like to become a USTA Certified Official, contact Dave Pullen, {AMTO} Associated Maryland Tennis Officials. Email: dave_pullen@verizon.net

-Player may not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. During the course of a match shall not engage in: Verbal abuse, Visible or audible profanity, Racket abuse, Ball abuse, physical abuse and other unsportsmanlike conduct. Reg. IV.C.

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